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Isabella Pain Deputy Minister of the Nunatsiavut Secretariat Nunatsiavut Government

Isabella was born and raised in Nain, Nunatsiavut. She graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Political Science), and a minor in Business.

In 2000, she was appointed as the co-chief negotiator of the Nunatsiavut land claims negotiation team. A year later, she became the chief negotiator of the Impact and Benefits Agreement (IBA) with Voisey’s Bay Nickel Company (VBNC). Isabella became Aboriginal Affairs Superintendent for VBNC in 2004, and was part of the team responsible for ensuring that the Inuit and Innu IBAs were properly implemented.

Isabella went to work for the Nunatsiavut Government in 2009. Her current roles are Deputy Minister of the Nunatsiavut Secretariat, Secretary of Executive Council, and senior negotiator.


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