Mining Partnerships

The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies believes that partnerships are a valuable tool for unlocking opportunity.  Prior to the commencement of the Vale underground mine expansion project, NGC partnered with national and international mine development, services, and engineering firms to bid on work at the site. NGC also collaborated with Innu Development Partnership Limited, leading to the formation of several companies that have either successfully completed, or are presently engaged in work on the project. 

  • Innu-Inuit Redpath GP Inc. (Underground Development and Infrastructure Construction)
  • Innu-Inuit Toromont GP Inc. (Heat and Power Plants)
  • Innu-Inuit Kiewit Constructors (Heavy Civil, Mechanical, Piping, and Electrical Construction Services)
  • ACI Labrador GP (Primary Heating and Ventilation System and Auxiliary Mine Fans)
  • Innu-Inuit MacLean LP (Provision of mining equipment)
  • Innu-Inuit PDI GP Inc. (Design, provision, maintenance of mine ventilation doors, control systems, and auxiliary equipment)
  • Innu-Inuit Envest LP (Wind generation microgrid power system to displace use of diesel)
  • Innu-Inuit Foraco LP (Diamond drilling) 


  • Torngait Services Inc. (Site services provider since 2005; 3-year contract awarded in 2019)
  • Timmiak Construction Limited (Heavy Civil Construction)


  • Integrated Nunatsiavut Logistics (Conducted 12 barge lifts to support the Vale Underground Mine Expansion in 2019; in 2020, awarded a 2-year contract to continue this work.)

Vale Partnerships