May 8, 2024


The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies, a proud sponsor of the annual Arctic Inspiration Awards (AIP), congratulates groups from Nunatsiavut who won major prizes at last night’s Awards show in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Inotsivik: Arts & Culture, Revitalization of Language and Culture, Skills Development

A group from Hopedale, led by youth, won the major prize of the evening, $1 million to create Inotsiavik Centre, a not-for-profit cultural centre that will promote Inuit cultural skills and the Inuttitut language. 

Hebron and Nutak Reunions Project: Healing

A second group from Nunatsiavut won $298,000 to fund the Hebron and Nutak Reunions in 2024. The program will allow Nunatsiavimmuit evictees from Hebron and Nutak to visit the respective communities in July of this year. Residents were forcibly evicted by the Newfoundland Government in the late 1950’s and resettled in Nain, Makkovik, and Hopedale.

L.O.V.E. Inuktut: Education and Learning, Revitalization of Language and Culture

The $100,000 prize in the Youth Prize category was presented to L.O.V.E. Inuktut. The team, which includes three youth from Nunatsiavut, will create a beginner-level app to safeguard and revitalize the 11 dialects of Inuktut that are spoken across the North.

“It was an amazing and emotional evening,” says NGC Chief Operating Officer, Sarah Leo, who was one of the presenters at last night’s awards. “I was particularly proud to see such inspirational projects being recognized. I am impressed with the commitment of the respective groups, from the creation of their idea, all the way to the work required for the AIP submission and the execution of the projects.” 

About the Arctic Inspiration Awards

The Arctic Inspiration Awards present prizes worth about $3.7 million annually to projects that inspire, enable, and celebrate innovation across the Arctic.