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The Nunatisavut Group of Companies (NGC) is owned by the Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Areas. NGC is a for-profit organization, representing 12 companies in fields as varied as marine transport, fixed and rotary-wing aviation, construction, land development, property rentals, and site services support.

NGC employs nearly 400 people, about half of whom are Beneficiaries.

NGC’s mission is to develop wealth in trust for Nunatsiavut Beneficiaries, through the ownership profitable and sustainable businesses. Its vision is to be an Inuit-led business leader in the North, by fostering the development of Inuit talent and providing a pathway to management and ownership of their own business enterprises. This mission and vision informs NGC approach to all its business relationships.

NGC’s operations include fully-owned businesses and partnerships.

  • The fully-owned companies include Nunatsiavut Construction, which has substantial interests and expertise in the residential and commercial/industrial field.
  • Nunatsiavut Marine operates the north and south coast passenger and freight service with the MV Northern Ranger and Astron.
  • Goose Bay Capital Corporation (GBCC) owns a 326-acre land assembly in Happy Valley Goose Bay, which is being developed as a commercial and residential town centre.
  • Nunak Land Corporation owns commercial properties in Nain, Hopedale, Makkovik, and Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
  • NGC is also 100% owner of shrimp, turbot, and crab quotas. The shrimp and turbot quotas are fished by third parties, through which NGC receives a royalty.

NGC is also a partner in several ventures, through majority or minority ownership positions.

  • Torngait Solutions Inc., (TSI 51%, ATCO Structures 49%) which provides site services to Vale at the Voisey’s Bay mine. TSI also provided camp services to Valard, on its Muskrat Falls transmission line project.
  • NGC also has a 51% interest in Nillik Construction, a joint venture with Bird Construction (49%). Nillik bids on projects in excess of $10 million, and plans to bid on projects related to the Vale underground mine at Voisey’s Bay.
  • NGC is a one-third partner in the newly-formed Air Borealis. Air Borealis provides passenger and cargo service from Goose Bay to the five Nunatsiavut communities, as well as Natuashish.

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Read the latest NGC newsletter – VOL. 3, #3

Read the latest NGC newsletter – VOL. 3, #3

The newsletter is available here. A limited number of copies will be available in print. NGC plans to produce a newsletter twice a year, once during the summer and again in December. To provide feedback, email us at info@ngc-ng.ca.

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Employment Opportunity – Assistant Construction Manager

DEADLINE EXTENDED: NGC Nunatsiavut Construction Inc. (NCI), a subsidiary of Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC), is seeking an Assistant Construction Manager based out of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. This position reports to NCI General Manager.