NGC has substantial fishing interests through its ownership of shrimp, Greenland halibut (turbot), and Atlantic halibut quotas. While NGC owns the quotas, the actual harvesting is carried out through strategic alliances with third parties, for which NGC receives a royalty payment.

NGC’s northern shrimp quota is fished by PiKalujak Fisheries, a partnership formed in 1992 between NGC (50% ownership), Labrador Sea (2004) Inc., and Ocean Prawns Canada Limited.

NGC is a member of the Northern Shrimp Coalition, a federally incorporated non-profit organization representing the interests of northern regions and indigenous groups which are adjacent to the shrimp resource, and have historic attachment to the fishery.

Despite anticipated declines in the quota for northern shrimp, NGC will continue to maximize the value from this important resource.

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Read the latest NGC newsletter – VOL. 4, #1

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