Length: 38.04m (124.8′)
Breadth: 9.14m (30.0′)
Depth: 2.44m (8.4′)
Year Built: 1997
Vessel Type: Barge
Capacity: 500 tons
Gross Tonnage: 221
Net Tonnage: 66
Propulsion: Non-Propelled
Construction Material: Steel
Builder: Glovertown Marine Ltd. Glovertown, NL Canada



Length: 19.81m (65.0′)
Breadth: 6.71m (22.0′)
Depth: 2.44m (8′)
Year Built: 1998
Vessel Type: Tug
Gross Tonnage: 82.79
Net Tonnage: 62.09
Propulsion: Self-Propelled
Construction Material: Steel
Builder: Dovercraft Marine Nanticoke, ON Canada


Propellers: 2
Engines: 2
Type: Caterpillar 3406-400
Output: 900HP
Generators: 2
Type: Caterpillar
Output: 125.5 KW
Bowthruster: Yes


Length: 46.82m (153.6′)
Breadth: 12.19m (40.0′)
Depth: 3.05m (10.0′)
Year Built: 2002
Vessel Type: Barge
Capacity: 1000 tons
Gross Tonnage: 432
Net Tonnage: 129
Propulsion: Non-Propelled
Construction Material: Steel
Builder: Glovertown Marine Ltd. Glovertown, NL Canada


Length: 12.62m (41.4′)
Breadth: 4.60m (15.1′)
Depth: 2.13m (7.0′)
Year Built: 2000
Vessel Type: Passenger
Gross Tonnage: 28.33
Net Tonnage: 21.25
Propulsion: Self-Propelled
Construction Material: Reinforced Plastic
Builder: Atkinson & Yates Boatbuilders Ltd. Springdale, NL Canada

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