People in Nain turned out Monday night, Nov. 19th, to mark the MV Northern Ranger’s last passenger run. The Ranger is on its way south and will then head to Lewisporte to assist in freight delivery until the close of the season.

Nain’s famed Brass Band played in honour of Captain Scott Chant and his crew. The Brass Band is following a long tradition of welcoming and saying farewell to ships on their first trip in and last out. Before planes, radios etc, the ships were the only real contact with the outside world so their first arrival in the summer was exciting and very important to the communities, same with the last one of the year.

The Ranger has been providing freight and passenger service to North Coast communities since 1986. The service will be provided next year by Labrador Marine’s new vessel, with Nunatsiavut Marine providing shore-side services such as reservations, ticketing, vessel loading in Goose Bay, and wharfinger services in North Coast communities.